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A quick lazy response…easy to trawl Picasa for images in the key of orange…

Early Ruapehu firefighters

Back in the day when daily juice was the ‘thing’…

Flight test orange @ Eglin

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This week, let’s embrace the season: share an image that embodies the world or the weather where you live.

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Every January, the Department of Conservation and Project Tongariro host the local Mahi Aroha Summer Programme, a month-long calendar that encourages people into the outdoors and showcases local conservation projects…DSCF9471The first activity each year, on New Year’s Day, is the family kite day…
DSCF9481Even though the first of January is technically in the middle of summer, true summer here often does not kick in until February….
DSCF9486Pleasant but overcast days like this are common for this period of the season…DSCF9476

…and are no obstacle to everyone getting out and having a good time…DSCF9487

A bonus this New Year’s Day, was the first mistletoe in Whakapapa Village…