More than meets the eye…

…reading through the programme for the Chief of Army’s Conference this morning, I wondered if this whole transformation thing is nothing more than just more buzzword bingo like the great (NOT) RMA from the 90s – I think it is and, in fact, one of the presentation’s covered exactly that issue and came to a similar conclusion…but move away from the lingo and the underlying theme is the clear need, not so much for change, but ongoing evolution to match the environment of today and tomorrow…no more Maginot Lines or Malemes…

It has been a long day, departed the hacienda at 5 and got back around 9 tonight but so very worth it: I have screeds of notes to digest before I forgot what my scribbles meant; caught up with some people I haven’t seen for years and made a couple of new contacts on the lessons front. Exceptionally well-catered which is good as a general principle but must have been appreciated by the participants who had travelled from all over the country and good food  during smoko and lunch breaks always fosters better discussion…

I was disappointed not to have been able to catch up with Michael Evans who I have corresponded with off and on but never actually met – he has said he will be back over this way a couple more times this year so we will see – his presentation on Krulak’s (bastard) step-children was my favourite of the day – I don’t think I should really get into good, better, best comparisons because I thought they were all rather good – certainly I got a nugget or two from each…A really good turn-out: Minister of Defence (in the PM), the Army obviously (not all of them but enough for challenging discussion), Air Force and Navy, as well as reps from Police, MFAT and Customs and a good mix of civilian staff and academia (would a loony academic be an academia nut?)

I’m assuming that there’s a Virtual Brown Bag this week – erk! 3am in this timezone and I am trying to muster the energy to wait up for it so I can test where it really does work at the end of a dial-up connection and also so I can see if the new recording software works…

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