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This week, let the alphabet be your inspiration: find a string of letters. Try a multi-photo gallery to collect images of single characters. Find some beautiful typography, or look for letters hidden in natural forms.

Source: Alphabet | The Daily Post

Lockheed F-117 Stealth

Lockheed F-117 Stealth

North American F-86D

North American F-86D

Mountain Air Cessna

Mountain Air Cessna

De Havilland Sea Hawk

De Havilland Sea Hawk

Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Hurricane

B-17 Flying Fortress

B-17 Flying Fortress


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside | The Daily Post

Models 039

Inside the box…these are a bit hard to find so I was a bit miffed to learn that the reason that it had been all sealed up inside a plastic bag was to conceal that one of the wings was missing…
Nesting 002

Hidden away inside the bush…Imperial War Museum Duxford 100 Inside the prototype Concorde…Mulcher Mess

What builds up inside the mulcher…actually this only started to happen when we shifted to a new servicer and stopped when we (finally) moved to another…Raurimu wagon wheel - Jul 04 - 3

The ‘nice’ lounge lights inside our home when we moved in


Inside a very cool shop in Brussels…
Summer hail 001

…a good day to be inside…

via Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside | The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

As this week’s challenge, ‘geometry‘ was very specific in what it wants “…find a good subject that contains an interesting geometry…try to crop tightly into the subject to make an unexpected composition…” Hmmmm…unexpected seems to imply ‘so that it’s actually identify is concealed’…more hmmm….OK, here goes…crops to the top, originals to the bottom…


…and the orginals…

Water intakes on one of the hydro-electric dams in the Waitaki Valley

Wing fence on the YF-23 prototype at the USAF Museum

SR-71 at the Eglin Armament Museum

Remnant of the Iraqi ‘Supergun’ from DESERT STORM days in the Imperial War Museum at Duxford

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

As soon as I saw the word ‘big‘ as last week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, this monster sprang to mind…it is an aircraft wheel on display at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. At the time, I didn’t take that much notice of it hence the rather casual off-hand nature of the photos…but it is big…

Someone’s else pic of the accompanying placard in the museum (off the Net)

…and the mind boggles at how big the actual aircraft might have been if it was ever completed…

…when you extrapolate the size of the aircraft from the known size of the wheel…


…it says something for German engineering that it was trying to construct aircraft like this less than 20 years after Richard Pearse’s epic first flight…go the mighty Poll Giant Triplane…!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

The lead for this theme was that the idea behind urban photography is to photograph your city and the streets where you grew up as they are but I’d sorta done that in Wrong the other week….I’ve loads of photos from cities all around the world but I struggled to find one that really said ‘urban‘ to me (What your photos DON’T talk to you? Crazy!!).

But just last night, through the miracle of the Picasa 3 screen saver app…this image flicked up onto my screen just as I logged off…fortunately I had just time to recognise it as from my visit to Duxford in 2009…it is in the American Hangar, a massive display of American aircraft all in one big hangar – getting them in and out must be a real act…

This one image is what urban is to me – well, what it was last night anyway…the old and the new, clutter, things standing still and things apparently moving fast, light but dark at the same time…all apparently moving in different directions…

One day the records will be unclassified…

…and we might know the real story behind the cancellation of the second Great White Hope, abbreviated as TSR2…

I never thought that I might be lucky enough to ever seen a TSR2 in the flesh, let alone two in two days – it really is one of the most beautiful aircraft and it is tragic that it was scrapped so ignominiously, heralding the death knell of the British aviation industry that brought us such names as Spitfire, Lancaster, Hunter and Vulcan…

In my travels over the last two days I have been very impressed by the British motorway system (less the Oxford Ring Road which I still spit upon); visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford and the RAF Museum at Cosford; and grown to really despise the stupid German hire car. I can heartily recommend that anyone with an interest in aviation and/or 20th Century history visit both these great facilities which I would rate as being up there with the Udvar-Hazy part of the Smithsonian in DC. Having said that and while applauding the resources being applied to preserve Britain’s aviation heritage, it’s also rather sad to see some of the gaps in the collections…some of the lesser known of the Few who took the war to Germany in those early days; Wellington, Hampden, Blenhiem, Beaufort, Whirlwind, Defiant, Whitley, Manchester, Stirling…these museums are great places for kids and not because of the range of big boys toys but also to sow the seeds of awareness of our history and those who sacrificed to preserve a way or life – it was really good to see so many children and family groups of all ages at both venues.