Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

The lead for this theme was that the idea behind urban photography is to photograph your city and the streets where you grew up as they are but I’d sorta done that in Wrong the other week….I’ve loads of photos from cities all around the world but I struggled to find one that really said ‘urban‘ to me (What your photos DON’T talk to you? Crazy!!).

But just last night, through the miracle of the Picasa 3 screen saver app…this image flicked up onto my screen just as I logged off…fortunately I had just time to recognise it as from my visit to Duxford in 2009…it is in the American Hangar, a massive display of American aircraft all in one big hangar – getting them in and out must be a real act…

This one image is what urban is to me – well, what it was last night anyway…the old and the new, clutter, things standing still and things apparently moving fast, light but dark at the same time…all apparently moving in different directions…

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