MHAW Photo-a-day Challenge – Oct. 9 – Pop of colour

I had to Google for ‘pop of colour’…it is either a brand of cosmetics or this effect where only a portion of an image is colourised…


Scariest comic monster ever….

Many years ago, when I was little and TV only came in two colours, my parents subscribed me to a weekly magazine called TV Action. Its episodic contents were drawn from the best British science-fiction of the time: Thunderbirds, Dr Who, Joe 90, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Fireball XL-5, etc and each week dragged until the next issue arrived…

Although it was never a TV series in its own right and only featured in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go (and by implication in Captain Scarlet), Zero-X featured as a series in TV Action. The scariest monster ever (in comic form anyway – the Daleks, Cybermen and Abominable Snowmen dominated small screen phobia) was this Jovan blob with the distinctive star-shaped stinger.

Somewhere along the way. all my TV Action collection (did it used to be called Countdown first?) disappeared but I always remembered this story…


Cut forward many years to when TVs are now wall-sized and I’m shopping in the Mighty Ape book section for a birthday gift for my eldest daughter – we have broadly similar tastes…I make my selection for her and, as they do, Mighty Ape makes me a series of short-term offers on similar products. I saw this compilation and could not resist. I dared not hope that it would include my favourite Zero-X tale…it was like all those years ago when I flicked through the pages and was reunited with my nemesis of years past…it reads nicely with the two Thunderbirds compilations released this year as well…

Twins 346

…and here’s one I prepared earlier…

Probably more pop of colour-er, I think…


The Challenge

Mental Health Awareness Week in New Zealand is 9-15 October this year. Each year, the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand runs and sponsors a number of awareness activities.

The MHAW Photo Challenge runs from 1-15 October  Each day participants post an image that is their take on that day’s theme:

Oct. 1 – My view
Oct. 2 – Gratitude
Oct. 3 – Light
Oct. 4 – Water
Oct. 5 – Small treasures
Oct. 6 – Nature indoors
Oct. 7 – Bush walk
Oct. 8 – Art
Oct. 9 – Pop of colour
Oct. 10 – MHAW Lockout
Oct. 11 – Papatūānuku (Mother Earth)
Oct. 12 – Creature
Oct. 13 – Spring
Oct. 14 – Love my backyard
Oct. 15 – Nature is key to…