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This challenge offers some fun opportunities to play — not only with the subject of your photo, but with light, color, and contrast to evoke foreshadow. Perhaps foreshadow is an open bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Maybe it’s a diamond ring in small velvet box. Maybe it’s a flower bud about to burst into bloom, or the first leaf that turns color on your oak tree. What does foreshadow mean to you?


I’m on top of the world…!

Moeraki Boulders 006


Late snow 001

What’s the harm in a little snow..?

Late snow 003


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves | The Daily Post

Moeraki Boulders 023

Didn’t have to look too hard to find these curvy pics from our 2005 South Island tour…the Moeraki Boulders are a popular stop about half-way down the east coast of the island…

Moeraki Boulders 011

Moeraki Boulders 012

Moeraki Boulders 022

Even the reflection and seaweed are curvy…

…and some others in a similar vein…
3Mar05 030

This is in a shop in Manchester Street in Christchurch from the same holiday – all gone now – we thought that something along similar lines might make a nice entrance feature for the front door of the Lodge…

Salisbury CLAW 020

…and totally unrelated to anything Kiwi, except for the one that was wandering around Salisbury at sun-up, some street corner curves as pigeons do pigeon things first thing in the morning…we were in Salisbury for the first ABCA Coalition Lessons Analysis Workshop (CLAW) and most of use tried to get out in the morning for a run and some fresh air…I’m not sure if the blurriness of the image is down to me or the pigeons…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves | The Daily Post.