Sautéed Honey Mustard Cabbage

This sautéed honey mustard cabbage bowl is a perfect detox breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cabbage is not only insanely good for you but it simply tastes amazing as well.


Another winner from Jen Rice’s Sugar Soil stable…I’ve included the whole recipe here because I’ve had trouble getting it to show on the Sugar Soil site…very simple, very fast, very yum…


2 tablespoons of apple cider

1 tablespoon of mustard

3 tablespoon of olive oil

1 1/2 tablespoons of honey

1/2 head of cabbage chopped into bite-size pieces.

An onion chopped

One large egg

One avocado diced


Combine the vinegar, mustard, 1 tablespoon olive oil, honey and apple cider together and set aside.

Over a medium heat add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, the cabbage and the onion to a skillet and sauté for 5 minutes.

Pour the mustard sauce over the cabbage and mix well, turning the heat to low and cook for about 5-7 more minutes.

While you are cooking the cabbage, fry or poach your egg in another pan.

Place the sautéed cabbage in a bowl with the egg and avocado on top.

Easy as an easy thing…reversing the quantities of honey and mustard will give you the same less sweet and with more of a mustard ‘bite’…


Yesterday’s leftovers on black rice that I soaked overnight before cooking this morning…I used a very small pan to poach the egg and then realised that I don’t have a scoop small enough to  slide the egg from the pan…hence the semi-deconstructed look…

Of the two variations, I think I prefer the more mustardy version with rice: cabbage, mustard and honey for flavour, avocado of textural contrast and the rice for bulk.

As I type, I notice that I forgot to do the avocado this morning…a mission now for whatever tomorrow’s breakfast will be…

Apples on the tree, eggs in the coop…


I probably wouldn’t win any awards for plating this one up but Masterchef wasn’t until Sunday evening…this is a recipe for apple cinnamon fritters that I ‘shared’ from a friend’s Facebook feed so that I wouldn’t lose it before I got home on Thursday night (yes, Android really does need a decent print to PDF app!!)…

The storm that blew through over the later part of last week blew a bunch of my apples off the tree (I guess that’s why they call it a wind fall!) – and blew another over: hopefully it will survive being replanted…that and a week’s worth of eggs that had accumulated while I had been away from the week were clearly signs that I had to give this a go…

What you need

2 cups self-raising flour (I just used high-grade flour and baking powder)

2 cups milk

2 eggs

1 teaspoon cinnamon

What you do

Core and grate 2 apples.

In a bowl, mix together 2 cups self-raising flour, 2 cups milk, 2 eggs and 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Whisk until smooth.

Stir in grated apples.

Heat a non-stick fry pan over a medium-high heat. Add a little oil or margarine. Then, working in batches, drop ¼ cupfuls of batter into the pan.

Cook over a medium heat for one to two minutes until bubbles appear on the uncooked surface. Then turn the fritters over and cook the other side for a further 2 minutes or until golden brown.

Repeat with remaining batter, adding more oil or margarine between batches if needed.

Transfer to a plate with a paper towel and keep warm.

Serve with sliced fresh or canned fruit and cinnamon yoghurt (make cinnamon yoghurt by mixing together plain unsweetened yoghurt, a little runny honey and cinnamon).

The recipe says that this is enough for six fritters so I halved it and still got four decent size fritters from the mix. I missed the bit about making cinnamon honey but will try that next time. As it was I used this as an excuse to finish off odds’n’sods things from the fridge and the pantry: a little fruit salad, some honey yoghurt, a squeeze of maple syrup that the twins missed on their last visit plus I added some dead flies raisins into the mix before cooking it up – these added complementary texture to the grated apple and IMHO improved the original recipe…Edit: Sofia has just reminded me that i fried up my last banana and added it to the stack as well…

I had planned to try a savoury approach to the toppings for the same fritters yesterday but by the time I got myself together on the fourth day of the long long weekend it was into the afternoon and I was busy doing ‘stuff’ and so I settled for simple muesli and yoghurt…savoury version to follow soon…