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In your photo this week, share something unabashedly ornate — where it’s clear that the creators pulled no stops and went all out.

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I layed-over in Philadelphia for a couple of nights between conferences on my 2011 American Odyssey tour. I was most excellently hosted by Doc Karma, taking a day off from his plans for world domination (they still need a little work as they hinge on his invasion forces walking to New Zealand).

USS Olympia is tied up there, opposite the New Jersey…I was fascinated by the contrasts in decor between one of the first modern ironclads and one of the last. ornate, most definitely. Over the top…nope, just the standards of the time…






Even the armament has an ornate steam-punky arty feel to it…

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This week’s photo challenge theme is “Treat,” an intentionally open-ended prompt. This week, share with us a photo of something that you consider a marvellous treat.


Doing dinner with my youngest daughter and her partner….


Any and all time with the twin terrors….


Kiwi sign outside the office…


About once a year…someone else gets a treat too…


Geeking out with my oldest daughter each once month when her Nerd Block fix arrives…



Happy Place


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

Queenstown aerobatics Jan 98

In a most happy place over Queenstown 1998

One of my all time favourite ‘desert island’ books is Wilbur Smith’s Eagle in the Sky. “He’ll be in the sky” are Debra’s words when he disappears near the story’s end…well, the book’s end anyway: Eagle is one of those tales that you hope never ends, that David and Debra go on and on…

eagle int he sky cover

As much as I love aviation, I never got round to learning to fly but when I need to go, I go for height, up a hill, onto a mountain, some place high and quiet where I can look down and think.

Tongariro Apr 04 - 1

My other happy place is at a keyboard or holding a pen, using words to seek and maintain balance, to put my feelings some place where they become tangible and malleable. I can’t promise the words will always make sense or that later on I might not remember the emotion behind them but they lie as reminders of places I have been, journeys I have made, people I have been…words as much a sanctuary as a windy hilltop or craggy peak…

Happy place does not necessarily mean tidy place!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

March 2012 140

The Smithsonian opens: peace to pulse…


Koru: winter to spring…

Scale Models Expo 2014-225

Upper Hutt: boarded to bustling


Autobahn: sedate to seductive…

Room | The Daily Post

The Daily Post: Room

Like a few other English words, Room means two contradictory things. It can be the four walls that enclose us, giving us shelter and comfort but also limiting our movement. It’s also the limitless space into which we can wander and which we can fill — or try to (think about that expression, “room to grow”).

In this week’s photo challenge, share your take on the idea of room — it could be an actual room in your house, a favorite gallery in your local museum, a cubicle at work. You could also take this challenge in a more abstract direction, and show us where you feel like you have room — or lack it.


A tidy room…

Room tidy before

…and, hmmmm…

Kirk the Jack 003

…and this guy thinks he needs more room…


…but outside he has all this to play in…

Just Another Day | The Daily Post

Just Another Day | The Daily PostOur days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Every day, twice every day, we have this ritual, initiated by the phrase “…feed the dogs…”. It is such a well-known phrase here than we can only use it when we actually intend doing it, otherwise there is much excitement followed by disappointment. If we want to refer to this activity, we have to say “…Eff the Dees…” and even now, I am not convinced that they do not know that they are being talked about…DSCF8320 DSCF8319 DSCF8321It’s an important ritual because it is one that we can not afford to miss, forget or otherwise omit…it is also a very satisfying one that daily builds the bonds between us…

Edit: Forgot to mention…this morning…as I was dishing out their breakfast on the deck, the littlest wax-eye fearlessly planted himself on the deck to watch the proceedings. Lulu, in the pink collar, is our hunter but was fascinated by this bright-coloured little thing that clearly was totally unawed by her 40+ kilogram mass, nor the fact that she could probably inhale him by accident…

I thought he might have been hurt but nope, just fearless…he let me pick him up in my hand as Lulu looked on; hopped onto the rail, had one last look, and then flittered off into the trees…

People wonder why we’re not that fussed about missing out on the ‘joys’ of urban life…