Wint’ring Up: Parsnip Pumpkin Soup

Raurimu weather Aug 12 15

It’s really winter up here on the Plateau and that means a couple of things: first up, for here, it’s really bloody cold; and there’s lots of cheap-as vegetables from the Chocolate Eclair shop in Ohakune (+ dangerously nice eclairs, donuts, sponges etc!!). Between juicing for breakfast and souping for later, I go through a big bag each of parsnips and carrots about every fortnight.


The roasted veges about to go into the stock.

This is a nice and fast recipe from Weight Watchers that makes 4-5 double servings with a minimum of fuss or mess. I pretty much make it as directed except that I, as I do, added a three bubs of garlic to my second batch ( still needs more!!). The total cost – so long as I get the cheap veges from the eclair shop is only about $5 max including the garlic and pumpkin (only uses about 1/4 of a medium pumpkin!)


Brought to the boil over a slow heat and simmering away.


Good to go…


Using the power-wand to mulch out the lumps – a neat piece of kit: only $17 at Harvey Normal but don’t put your finger in it to clean the blades when your other hand is still clutching the fast button…


All set for consumption and freezing…

We’re on our third batch of this now with plenty stashed in the fridge for the long drought when there’s no cheap ‘Kune carrots and parsnips. It goes great with toast or scones (even better again with cheese toasties or cheesed scones) and, thick as it is, is uber-filling…Although it has a deep sweet texture and flavour, I think we’ll drop a little spice in the next batch just to add a little zip to the mix…just tossing up between upping the garlic ante or dropping in a tablespoon or two of curry…

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