There is no truth

…in the rumour that a crazed digger driver attacked the Lodge while I was away last week…the results look pretty damn fine…unfortunately we don’t have much in the way of a logical before/after sequence (will we ever learn?) but what looked like this…

Raurimu snow 009

Looking off the front deck…all smoothed out now – might be able to add a hairpin to the twins racing track…

Raurimu 018

The water tanks all better now – a Boxing Day team effort….

Raurimu Mar 04 - 10 Rainy Day 001

Nasty tight damp back path and the BBQ on the edge of the wilderness….

Water tank 007

…It’s now looking rather different with clear access all a round the back of the house now and with the lawn extended past the punga grove….first rain should let us know if the ‘fall’ towards the pond and the stream is set up right…it probably makes more sense if you’ve been here and know how it all goes together….

Raurimu renovations 004

Raurimu renovations 002 Raurimu renovations 003

Raurimu renovations 008

Above: what WAS a narrow path you you barely get through with an armload of washing….

Raurimu renovations 007

Above: A shot of the redeveloped (after Treescape and The Lines Company butchered it in 2005) punga grove – two weeks ago that was just a ditch with pungas overgrown with bracken and blackberry…

Raurimu renovations 005

Raurimu renovations 009

Lulu looks a bit unsure about it all – there’s probably a good bone or two buried way deeper now than they were a few days back…

It will look better once it’s all green again…hopefully in time for Terri’s next visit….

2 thoughts on “There is no truth

  1. WOW!!!!!! Poor Lulu sure is disorientated lol. I cant believe how different it looks!!! Look forward to seeing it myself later this year. XX
    Well done Si and Mum.


    • Hopefully it will be a lot greener by then…

      Lulu has already started to look for her bones so there are some more excavations now that we will have to fill this weekend…picking up a lawn roller to topw behind the ride-on to flatten it all out…


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