Bullets and bouquets

When I’m on the road, there are usually some organisations that impress and some that don’t…my Qantas flight here last weekend was absolutely chocka – a sign perhaps that things are picking up economically, or just that more flights have been cut? – and I had the only video terminal on the whole plane that was dead as the proverbial doornail. A bit of a bummer really as long haul international flights are normally my opportunity to catch up on fairly new release movies that haven’t gotten to the Raurimu Multiplex yet…

The cabin crew did what they could and after rebooting the system a number of times came to the conclusion that it was no longer a going concern – I think I have have mentioned previously my concern that if the video system was done by Rockwell-Collins then hopefully the flight control system wasn’t by Sony – and apologised profuselyfor the total inconvenience to my enjoyment of the flight. They then offered me a bottle of champagne as a compensatory gesture and it would have been rude not to accept it. So far it has survived the trip and hopefully won’t have to be dumped tomorrow night if I am overweight…

Anyways, the dud video system gave me an opportunity to do some recreational reading on the B&N Nook that I picked up this time last year. I managed to chew through Bob Mayer’s Area 51 – a rollicking good yarn – before we landed in LA and had started on Rick Castle’s Heat Wave – as entertained as the series but way raunchier…

So that’s the bouquet…well done, Qantas…!!

And mention of the Nook brings me to a ginormous brickbat to Barnes and Noble…having researched my Nook purchase in some detail before purchasing it, I got it home only to find that I could only download Nookbooks while geographically located in the US. OK, I loaded it up on my next visit and intended doing the same this time…but…Barnes & Noble in its infinite wisdom, has decided to now restrict Nookbook purchases to only US-billed credit cards – not exactly something one can pick up on the street…gift cards also fail unless the giftee’s account is linked to a US-billed credit card…

To add insult to injury, in all the marketing spam that B&N send out, not once have I seen any mention of this change before or after the act. So now essentially I have a Nook that won’t be good for much once I finish my current load of books…watch this space for an account of my adventures softrooting the Nook so it’ll read anyone’s e-books – whatever I end up doing, it’ll be a high calibre solution. In the meantime, boo hiss to B&N!!!

And now, to the good people of America, here’s your big chance to get into the bouquet queue…I ma becoming very concerned at the manner in which retail supplies of root beer are slowly disappearing from the market…the 711 that was my life support in Crystal City only had baby-sized 20 oz bootles, and Burger King, McDs, Popeyes etc seem to have abandoned the cause altogether. This is not good enough!! It is bad enough not being able to get a good supply down under (overpriced four-packs of sarsaparilla do not count!) but it is simply not acceptable to land here and have to hunt for a simple root beer! I will of course be exporting some more root beer Sodastream syrup when I leave and a bottle is normally good for 3-6 months if I ration it carefully but it would be much appreciated if you could get this sorted before I come back….it’s not like I want F-35 to fly or anything silly or impractical…


1 thought on “Bullets and bouquets

  1. You should actually have some decent options for getting books. Allow me to recommend Smashwords for some unknown authors (but books at the free-to 3.99 range so experimenting isn’t too hard on the wallet). Google books (or search for ‘free epub books’) will get you some real public domain gems. Looks like eBooks.com might work as well for more current stuff.


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