Norse Gods…

…if I could be one, I would be Thor – I am Thor at the moment…pulling out the front staircase this morning in readiness for the installation of the restored rimu spiral tomorrow was pretty painless but…

…just before lunch the guy came into quote on the final shift of the man-cave from where it was assembled to where it belongs (why was it assembled where it belongs? Long story but short version is guys should look after man-caves and wives should stay in the kitchen or somewhere else useful). “No problem,” he says, “easy enough, let’s do it next weekend but those stumps’ll have to come out and all the soil will have to be moved so we’ve got a clear flat run in off  the driveway.” That’s why I’m Thor – not because it all got cleared away with one fell swing of Moljnir – but because it is now early evening and many many barrow loads of soil later…still managed to level it all off  (was all the spoil from the garage) and get half the stumps out before dark – as a reward for my labours I was allowed to get fish and chips from the Owhango Hotel.

Has been a good weekend – Becks and Stevo came up for skiing and stayed over Friday and Saturday nights – really great to have some entertaining company although I can’t believe that there are people out there who can’t get into Hellboy – had a mungus dinner last night: a massive hunk of wild pork that Gus dropped off, and creme brulee for desert – this uses a bunch of egg yolks so Carm felt compelled to turn the surplus whites into pavs so double dessert – woo hoo!! The dogs liked our visitors as well so they’re on the house sitter list now too,,,,

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