A long time ago…

…in a life far far away, I started in an extramural Masters programme at Waikato. The programme folded after the first year but in that year, my output was a paper examining aspects of ‘Future War‘, inspired by Martin van Crefeld’s ‘On Future War’. Looking back, it is a bit disjointed and has some unfinished ‘lines of inquiry’ ever since I have been meaning to rewrite and expand on it but it’s always been on the ‘gunner’ list…

Anyway, somewhere in the Blogdom in the last couple of weeks I came across an entry questioning ‘resource wars’ as a valid description of the conflicts we will be facing in the next few years. I thought at the time of writing that paper and still do that this description is somewhat narrow, shallow even and is not indicative of its inventor actually applying much grey matter to the question. We are not entering a new era of conflict, we are there now have been been for some time, probably since Gulf 1. Conflicts since 1991 are not over questions of resource but could be better described as ‘me, me, me’ wars – it’s all about self-interest as the driving force behind them whether the waved flag is religious, haves v have-nots, historical or over resource, to rattle off but a few…

It continues to amuse me that these pundits still try to present where we are now as something new when it is in effect as old as the hills (read Alexander’s sitreps from Aghanistan!)…

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