Less talk, more do…

Interesting discussion today at The Strategist on leadership….and another from Saturday on the ideal recruit for any organisation: less NCEA and more common dog….maybe we should send half our lawyers and HR specialists off to the third world (they could also take the three Maori seats now spare in Auckland with them so they could take turns sitting down) so they can pass on all their accumulated knowledge (which should take until tea time) but once they are there, we should leave them there are seem how quickly common sense breaks out to fill the gap…Perhaps if we were a bit more subjective and asked a few more questions based on gut feeling, there would be less court cases like that creep who got sent down forever in Christchurch yesterday?

And on the topic of doing more, the stumps are all gone (the old-fashioned way – no blasting allowed within 20 metres of the house) and the man-cave site is all good to go for the weekend now – so it will probably snow!! Feels like it at the moment…

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