Rice Pudding – OTT…

Pioneer woman rice pudding

The Pioneer Woman’s Meat Loaf is a big fav here so we were really looking forward to trying her take on rice pudding

We made it as per the recipe except we substituted normal syrup for the light corn syrup (you can get light corn syrup?)

We’ll give it another go some time but it was really a bit of a disappointment – really a case of less is more – it was so sweet, it wasn’t very nice: the sweetness totally overwhelmed the taste of the raisins which are usually a nice offset to the texture and flavour of the rice mix…and not even a hint of the whisky taste survived the process…

Next time we’ll drop the condensed milk right out of it and try the topping from our dinner dates adventure…though I’m not sure that we really need such a topping with rice pudding and that by focussing more on the flavours in the rice, all the accompaniment it should need is a scoop of ice cream… might have a crack at gently reducing the raisin/whisky mix to emphasise those flavours – although 1/2 cup of whisky is a sacrifice not made easily…

Our one highlight was using the raisin infused leftover whisky to drown our sorrows afterwards…


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