Golden Cake in a Cup

A couple of months back, I kicked off my 30 Cake in a Cup Challenge. The challenge I am finding is that I am not really that much of a dessert person at the moment and so have not been feeling that driven to try more cake in a cup recipes. A couple of nights ago, though, I did have an attack of the munchies quite late in the evening.

I’m not really a big chocolatey person but I do a mean butterscotch pudding when cooking the ‘normal’ way: I thought then that I would experiment with the chocolate cake on a cup by swapping out the cocoa for a tablespoon of golden syrup for a butterscotch cake in a cup dessert.

It really was that simple, and with all the ingredients mixed together, looked like this.


I thought that I might have to teak the amount of syrup but a single tablespoon was just right. There was a bit of leakage but I have long since learned my lesson about using a ‘just in case’ plate to prevent messing the microwave tray. Some thing in the dynamic has changed a little as this variation does not stay risen as well as the chocolate version…I may add a smidgen of baking powder next time. Thinking on it, next time I may also reduce the syrup content just a little too…

My plan was to have a third picture showing the golden cylinder plated nicely with a curl of ice cream. I keep the ice cream in the freezer in the garage so that it is not as accessible in the event of a munchie attack but when I went out the scoop and a plate, I found that the freezer was so cold that the ice cream was frozen solid, like, rock solid and that was the end of that plan and I didn’t even have any cream to pour over instead…I’m note sure what happened with the freezer: the controller is at floor level so possibly it has been knocked when I have been working in the garage…

But not too worry…it is a nice variation of the chocolate cake in a cup theme…

Update 3 June 2014

I had an attack of the munchies later on Sunday night and made this again. This time I did a straight swap cocoa for syrup, and also added a dash of baking powder. One of these changes must have made the difference because it rose a lot better that my earlier attempts, enough that I will probably use a bigger cup next time…


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