30 Cake in a Cup Challenge


After my success with the chocolate dessert in a cup, I stumbled across a trove of microwave dessert in a cup recipes, and I have resolved to work my way through them this year.

As I am not really a desserty-type person when I am on my own, and I usually mighty only feel like a dessert if my main has left a bit of a space, this may take some time but I am determined to complete the challenge by New Year’s Eve.

While it is all about making desserts in a mug/cup, I opted for the cake in a cup challenge because it is more alliteratively aesthetic.

Watch this space…

5 thoughts on “30 Cake in a Cup Challenge

    • Please share how your sugar-free versions go, Rara…I’m not really that keen on the three tablespoons of sugar per serving as currently writ and am keen to try some alternatives…


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