So who didn’t pay the subscription for summer??

So here we are….only the fourth of March, with only two really summery days all year (a really summery day being one where it feels too hot to do anything), and already we have had our first snow for 2014…I guess the ‘crust’ on the water in the wheelbarrow from yesterday’s rain and the brittle white grass on the lawn should have been a clue at home this morning….


Well, that wasn’t there when I went home last night…


Not as low as the office yet but it was hailing when I left this evening which doesn’t bode well for this summer thing…


…and a good dusting on Ngauruhoe and its offsider, Tongariro…

OK, so, yes, perhaps we were a little spoilt last year with a three month summer aka drought but SNOW IN MARCH! REALLY?

At a guess, this dusting won’t last long – although more is forecast for tonight – and normal summer services may be resumed but if you’re planning on visiting the Park, pack an extra layer of woollies, some really warm sox, good gloves and a decent beanie and take a few deep breathes before opening the door to step outside…

1 thought on “So who didn’t pay the subscription for summer??

  1. When we were in Japan we had planned a picnic for my son’s birthday at the end of March and we had a blizzard. We couldn’t believe it since we had no snow to speak of all winter.

    Those mountains look beautiful.


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