Dining in…


I’ve ended up with some cabbage and pumpkin getting near their use by date, and also some silverbeet that I blanched and froze before Christmas that I wanted to thaw and test. The cabbage was simple as I did it the same way as described in the Healthy Food Guide Tuscan Stuffed Chicken recipe that I reviewed in October. It is quick, easy and adds an interesting tang to plain old garden variety cabbage. As you can see I got distracted by other activities and the cabbage was a little scorched in the pan…

I tried combining the silverbeet and pumpkin into patties by mixing them with a small eggs but I need to add something else to the mix to help them combine (stick together) better – tasted good, just a bit fragile in their construction…Hard to see in this shot are the hash brown I made by modifying the kumara fritter recipe from the Curried Kumara and Salmon stacks that have been a regular fav for a couple of years now…they worked out really well and I will be doing them again…

This meal was rounded off with a couple of sausages grilled in the trusty Foreman griller…

Overall: needs work but tasty and filling…

2 thoughts on “Dining in…

  1. add some italian seasoning to the mix of pumpkin, silverbeet and egg, roll the pumpkin and silverbeet mix into balls, then roll in some bread crumbs and flatten to your desired size pattie. You will find they will stick together and cook easy.


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