Toasties the easy way…

Although I generally plan my daily meals, sometimes I do get the munchies late at night. As I have reduced the amount of off-the-shelf munchy food around the house – for combined health and resource reasons – toasties are my quick’n’easy recourse when the munchies strike…

While there is one of the traditional toastie pie makers in the pantry, I rarely use this as it wastes too much of our homemade bread slices…

This is so simple that it’s criminal…

Butter each slice of bread on one side.

Prepare your fillings…for me this is thin sliced cheese, thin-sliced tomato and my custom egg’n’onion mix. Other options maybe a THIN layer of creamed corn and/or spaghetti (Watties, from the can).

As there is always a surplus of eggs here, they are used in cooking at every opportunity but I always found that an egg cracked directly onto the bread would run every which way. What I do now is crack one egg plus any additional herbs, spices etc and 1/4 small onion into the Tupperware Terminator


The Terminator – greatest kitchen tool ever!

This finely slices and dices the onions and other other herby/spicy things, and slightly foams the egg so that it is not as runny and sits where it is pour on the bread.

Heat the pan to medium heat.

Place the first piece butter-side DOWN in the pan once it has warmed up. Even with our large size homemade bread slices you can usually get two slices into a large frying pan like this one…


Pour in the egg/onion mixture and spread evenly over the bread. Don’t worry if some of the mixture finds its way to the hot plate through holes in the bread – this is a self-cauterising toastie.

Layer the tomato and cheese slices evenly over the egg mix.

Add the second slice of bread butterside UP onto the work so far…

Cook until golden brown and then flip…


The lighter patches are where some of the egg mix has soaked through the bread to the pan surface – nicely cauterised and tidy…

When the second side is golden brown, remove and let it cool for a few minutes so that any liquid cheese does not make a break for it when cutting.

Slice into halves or quarters in accordance with personal preference…optional is a scattering of ground sea salt or flavoured salt…

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