Sausie and ‘mato noodles

We made my poor people’s spagboll for dinner on Saturday night but I erred in describing the ‘ghetti to the girls as ‘noodles’…noodles apparently those which you can suck into your mouth with lots is slurping sounds and, if you get it just right, flick the sauce-laden tail across your face before it disappears …and, well, you just can’t do that with ‘ghetto, certainly not the sort that comes out of a Watties can…

So I was kinda committed to noodles for Sunday dinner with two of the world’s pickiest eaters – who sometimes run risks of being two of the world’s hungriest when they turn their noses up at what has been prepared for them – but as always google is your friend and it did not take much to turn up one of the simplest and fastest dishes that I have found yet.


So how simple is it?

OK, you’ll need a whole three major ingredients:

4 sausages, your choice of flavour

1 can of spicy Herby diced tomatoes – you know, the sort with garlic, oregano, basil, etc

Noodles, the long thin ‘ghetti ones

Makin’ it…

Put a pot of water on to boil – enough to cook the noodles – and toss in the noodles with a dash of oil once the watrer’s boiling.

Cook the sausages – don’t have to be fully cooked as they’ll finish off in the sauce.

Slice the cooked sausages into thin slices, and toss into a fry pan with a bit of oil.

Toss the tomatoes in once the sausages are sizzling (take the ‘matos out of the tin first!).

Simmer for 5-10 minutes or until the noodles are done.

Drain the noodles and mix into the sauce.

…and voilà, there you go…the girls were even up for seconds…

The original recipe also called for 1/4 cup of pesto – that is a serious load of pesto – which we didn’t have any of which is possibly not a bad thing as the girls haven’t had much exposure to herby or spicy…we’ll try that next time once I’ve grown a decent stash of basil…

Easy as and thanks to for the inspiration for this super-quick and tasty recipe…

3 thoughts on “Sausie and ‘mato noodles

  1. I only used a small chunk of the black pudding I bought for my Tuscan Stuffed Chicken [ ]the other day and I figured that I would probably fry up the rest with some eggs for breakfast later in the week…Tonight I had a business phone call that took me til after 10PM – discussing very interesting and stimulating topics – but the downsides were that I a. missed Street Fighter on Prime and b. still hadn’t cooked any dinner. I tried to get away with a pack of instant noodles but that only made me hungrier – I didn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking as fresh out of bread so toasted sandwiched were off the menu. Tossing some water on to boil, I peeled the skin off the black pudding and fried it up with some oil; at the same time I put the noodles on, I emptied a can of chopped tomatoes (with chili and oregano) in with the black pudding and let it simmer away while the noodles boiled. Once all dents, the noodles were drained and placed in a bowl with the black pudding and tomato mixture stirred over the top: a nice tangy, very quick and nice variation on the recipe above…


  2. I went up to Taupo today to help our eldest daughter with some preemptive Christmas shopping – a great day in the sun but by the time I got home and worked for a few hours it was dark and I hadn’t given much thought to dinner. I thought that it might be cheese toasties again til I noticed that I still had half my black pudding and ‘mayo dinner left over from last night. Twas but the work of a moment to peel some kumara, potato and parsnip, and steam it before mashing it. I kept some of the parsnip whole as a distinct third flavour and served up with the reheat from last night = dinner tonight!


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