Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


It could be a shot taken during your morning walk, the morning vista out your kitchen window, your cat doing a pre-breakfast stretch, or a textured close-up of your oatmeal bubbling away at the stove.


Most mornings, I wake just before sun-up and get to see the sky slowly lightening over the dark skyline. This silhouette heralds my new day. Already this morning the native birds are singing and, in the other room, Elisabeth and Lily’s sleeping murmurs will soon be the excited babble of a new day at Poppa’s: that’ll be my cue to start on breakfast. Outside, in their house underneath the stairs, Kirk and Lulu, scramble to investigate noises in the bush…a deer perhaps. It’s a clear sky, a good laundry day is on its way for me and for the girls, looking good for more games of Skunk in the Road, and lots of giggling as they play in the ‘jungle’ around the Monkey House.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

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