Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster | The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster | The Daily Post. Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREEN.

DSCF7129When I participate in these challenges and prompts, as much as possible, I like to run with the first idea that comes into my head, although sometimes it might ricochet around for a wee while before anything coherent comes of it…

In Ohakune, there is an eclair shop that is only open in the winter season – yes, I know: I should have taken a photo of it when I was there – it sells the best eclairs and lamingtons for hundreds of kilometres in any direction. It also sells really cheap big bags of carrots (well, it IS ‘Kune) and parsnips.

I spent a couple of days in civilisation – Palmerston North, anyway – last week to catch up with what’s happening at Massey University (oh, OK, then…return overdue library books!) and Hawkeye UAV; acquire some Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Green paint for a couple of projects from Mr Models, and get a long overdue haircut…I took the slightly longer route home through Waiouru and ‘Kune so that I could stock up on some fresh vegetables from the Eclair Shop.

I get that they are actually white and orange but compared to some other aspects of my diet they are very green…so green, in fact, that I have been so busy juicing that I didn’t have any tea or coffee for the first three days I was back at home…I’m chewing through the carrots (literally) but I will have to freeze some of the parsnips for a later appointment with the steaming dish…

Once this shop closes, everything goes back to nuthouse supermarket prices…our attempts and homegrown parsnips and carrots haven’t been too successful so far although (legal) herbs, zucchini and squash thrive here…so, anyway, that’s my take on a theme of green …

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