Me and my mate

Kirk is. like, my best mate…

One of the things we do together as mates is watched TV…Kirk really loves watching TV…he’s been a bit crook recently and so has been getting a bit more preferential treatment than usual. I’ve adjusted his diet and he seems to be a bit more perky in the last couple of days so hopefully, it’s just a passing bug and he will be up and about fully soon…

He is very attached to that bean bag which he actually stole off Deda. As soon as he is allowed inside he will race over to it and take possession of it…I may have to hide it as I am not sure that it is doing his back any favours. I’d much rather that he’d use the flat cushion you can see in some of the other shots…

This weekend we had a bit of a Professionals marathon but by the last DVD, Kirk was a bit over it…


…but he perked right up when 60 Minutes came on with an item about elephants poaching in Africa – Kirk loves nature programmes and anything else that has lots of real (as opposed to canned) animal sounds…


…after 60 Minutes, TV looked pretty sad so we put on a movie…it was my turn to pick so we watched Act of Valor – Kirk’s taste tends more towards Red Dog, Black Sheep, etc – Kirk was pretty into this…DSCF7126

…and got right into it when the dogs in the Mexican village – near the end of the movie – began to bark…


While we were watching The Professionals, we caught this bit of unintentional humour. The plot involved an article on the other page but we spotted this about Rolf Harris’ ambition “…to star in a sexy film…” Possibly a bit regrettable today in the light of the ongoing arrests of entertainment stars from that era for a range of offences with young girls…

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