Keepin’ on keepin’ on – the Tupperware adventure

Anyway…so there I was…subscribed to Mama M’s blog ‘Five Crooked Halos‘  purely to get her Five Question Friday posts when up pops this little gem slips into the inbox – there’s nothing really too substantial about it but the paragraph caught my eye…

It seems as if Tupperware consultants no longer exist. Like they went out with the harvest orange and mustard yellow Tupperware era and corded phones.

Like, you know…I never realised that the orange and mustard Tupperwares were like some kind of rare or something…we have a stack of them. all rescued from whatever fate in various thrift and opportunity shops (sorry, a good scavenger never reveals their exact  sources)…

These were the only ones in the cupboard the other Sunday night, all their kinfolk being actively engaged in producing dinner…thinking on it, they go look kinda retro…certainly not as bright and modern as the more recent Tupperware products…

On the right is an onion slicer that Carmen got me for Christmas 3-4 years ago…it is lasting very well as it is used all the time…it is so simple: just quarter up an onion, drop the pieces in, pop the top back on and work the top back and forth – a clever system of internal gears then works the blades round and round til the pieces are the consistency you need – works great for tomatoes and anything else that will offer a degree of resistance to the blades, which, after some yearsof use, are as sharp as ever and still unforgiving of careless fingers…

On the left is its big brother, albeit with the slicing-dicing blade put away safely from little fingers so what you see is the beating-whipping (as in violence committed against cream) head. To make it spin, simply pull on the white handle on the top, much like starting the outboard or the lawnmower and the blade whirls back and force until said liquid attains the desired consistency…very cool, very clever, very mine…hands off!!

This here is a Tupperware planter where the Kermit green phallic symbol is actually a water bottle that sits inverted and dribbles water into the bottom of the actual planter…that one bottle holds about 500mls and lasts for about two weeks before needing a refill. The basil seems to like it, especially since we’re now getting some heavy frosts so this device means it gets to live inside…Not sure that we want a whole row of these lined up inside – all that green might be just a little overpowering – but it certainly seems to do the trick and looks kinda coolish – but then I may be turning into a bit of a Tupperware geek…

I’m not sure where Carmen scores them from but I suspect that there is at least one Tupperware agent alive and well in the Central Waikato contrary to Mama M’s concern that they may be a dying breed…well, not down thisaways anyway…

2 thoughts on “Keepin’ on keepin’ on – the Tupperware adventure

  1. Hilarious, particularly the planter! I remember the mustard yellow line from the 1980s, I think, when we all had Tupperware parties at home because we were very grown up now! Even in the 1990s, I think I went to a few, when the in-colour was pastel pink, blue and green. I haven’t heard of any Tupperware parties or consultants for a long time now. But just checking on the internet, Tupperware is still alive and well in Australia, and the in-colours now are purple and avocado!


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