Pears in Red Wine

Tried this last night – it’s my fourth or fifth crack at it. Previous attempts have always resulted in cooked pears that don’t really absorb the flavour of the juice and yummy juice that goes down uber-well in a wine glass.

This time I skipped the raw pears and took the lazy option of just using a can of pear halves with all the syrup. Tossed this is a pot with a whole bottle of cheap red wine, 2/3 of a cup of sugar, 6 whole cloves and a two inch cinnamon stick. Took it to the boil and then simmered for 20-25 minutes before serving the fruit over ice cream. Yummy! The remaining juice was strained through a sieve and served up warm in wine glasses. Lights out!

It’s that simple

Yep…it’s called OPSEC in the modern world…and no, you kids DON’T have a right to use these toys at work…Michael is quite useful at times although he has once again poisoned his own well by grandstanding off the Panjwai shootings this week to promote his own campaign against US servicemen who may have threatened his life (no doubt with provocation, Mikey)…

Thoughts on Lex

If there is one lesson that can be learned from Lex’s accident, it surely must be ‘don’t leave til tomorrow what you should do today’…I used to read his blog daily but as I returned to work and the tempo ramped up again my visits became less and less frequent. I’ve been back a lot since the accident and read much of what I missed but it’s not the same…

On the accident itself, there is comment on the preliminary NTSB report at Instapinch

And finally some trivia…

Pretty self-explanatory, I guess, drafted an email with this words in it and it was smart enough to check that I knew what i was doing.

I do…most days…

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