Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

It's big but made up of tiny...

…lights…lots and lots of tiny little lights that form a dazzling night-time light show on the canopy of Fremont Street in Las Vegas...this week’s WordPress photo challenge

I’ve enjoyed revisiting Las Vegas – it’s been about 23 years since I was last here and it’s sure changed somewhat…it’s been a fairly intense week and I am looking forward to a slow day tomorrow when I hit the road (air actually) for the next leg…I’ve been on my own tonight as the rest of the team here this week has already bomb-burst and, to be honest, I don’t find Vegas much fun on my own…

These challenges become a little more challenging when I am on the road without access to our photo library at home…but also an incentive to get out of the square to come up with something…I’m still determined not to miss a challenge…

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