StealthHawk enters production – in China

Great news for aviation and specops aficionados  to read in Time that bulk production of the H-60-based StealthHawk revealed in the OBL takedown has commenced…not so great news that production is in China…

Fortunately, production is also also only in 1/144 scale, so while small boys of all ages will be happy to find two in the box, the Specops balance of power remains stable…

I have got to get me one of these!

It is, though, a credible effort on the part of Dragon to design, tool, produce and distribute this model in only a few weeks since the May 1 raid where the new design was revealed…Dragon pulled off a similar coup in 1989 by releasing the first close-to-accurate models of the F-117 and B-2…

Edit: Some interesting analysis from over at Paper Modelers (the rest of the pictures referred to below are there):

I worked at Sikorsky for 9 years. That being said,that model is really “funny”. It is much like the old Aurora models of stealth aircraft that looked nothing like the real thing.

I think it is a variant of the S-92. The drive shaft for the tail rotor is far too long to be off of a Blackhawk, and they don’t even remotely look like that. Also, that picture of the tail rotor is not what it appears, as far as it is mounted to the helicopter.. In the attached picture, it looks like the tail rotor assembly flipped over from the torque of the drive shaft. On the helicopter facing from the rear, that tail rotor is probably on the left side. The black tiny parallelogram is the top and the flat spot is the back of the helicopter you are looking at. The 2 men of the picture hint at the scale. That is definitely not based on a Blackhawk, it’s huge. 

The S-92 is all that’s left, it is also the most modern helicopter in the world. New standards had to be developed as it exceeds every standard for a helicopter of that class by that much.

The LHX75 is just for reference and rules any variation of that helicopter out because it is too small.

The S-92 SAR looks like the likely candidate. IMHO.

Boeing-Sikorsky S-92 SAR

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