Loose lips…

Grow UP, Mike, you're 44 and running out of time...

While Mike Yon crows on Facebook about milblogger CJ Grisham from A Soldier’s Perspective apparently being shut-down for a potential OPSEC breach, the US Army reinvigorates an OPSEC awareness campaignvia its Facebook page …an  use of social media interesting and contemporary enough that I’ve include a slice of the comments below…
Show off your knowledge of operations security, or OPSEC, by listing the types of things that should NOT be posted online. We’ll start it off with troop movements, deployment dates & weapons capabilities…
    • FYI-not all bases are listed on the internet.Not all Soldiers movements,and not all equiptment is known to the general public.There are secrets you and I will never know still in this modern day of the internet.

      about an hour ago ·  
    • Anything that anyone could post on Facebook has probably already been front page in the newspaper or breaking news on TV…it kills me to see all these wives posting where their husbands are…I’m CONSTANTLY talking to my husband about these issues. So many times I see soldiers doing the same things and it irritates me to no end. People don’t understand that they’re compromising their loved ones safety. When I see a post on Facebook by an army wife or soldier, I usually respond by writing OPSEC. I don’t want my husband dying because someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut. And, those of you saying they don’t have Facebook – you’re just foolish. They have Intel just like we do and if you think we don’t use Facebook to get Intel on people and track what they’re doing, you’re ignorant. And to add, just because they aren’t American, doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent, technology savvy, and just fly by the seat of their pants to figure out what our troops are doing.
      about an hour ago ·  
    • You all keep bringing up how a photo is so bad. Listen, people, if you didn’t know that we are scattered across Iraq and Afghanistan then you have been in a dark whole…military or not. They aren’t going after a single soldier. The dead giveaway over there is we come off our own bases wearing OUR UNIFORM. Crybabies.

      about an hour ago ·  

      about an hour ago
    • Per OPSEC: Current and future operations, Travel Itineraries, Operation planning information, Entry/exit (security procedures), Capabilities and limitations, Address and phone lists, Budget information, Building plans, Port calls (current, future and past port calls in a current deployment), Readiness, General morale, VIP/ distinguished visitor movements, People’s names and billets in conjunction with operations, Past operations of a current deployment. (You cant say my husband left Spain yesterday but you can say my husband left port. You cant say my husband left for deployment yesterday because you can generalize an area off one day.) You may however post any of the above if you have a media link to prove the information has been released. Halfway points or referring to how many months are left in the deployment. Also no discussing how long your SO has been extended. This includes discussing percentages left on a deployment. (example: There is only 20% left on this deployment), Flight times or pilots schedules. No placing such info in your siggy and/or title. If you post any picture that includes your SO in uniform please make sure that their name tag has been edited out. You may not make a post showing your paper chain or any other kind of object you personally use to count down.
      about an hour ago ·  
    • It sad to see that you can pull up google earth and people have labeled buildings such as hq’s on bases in iraq and Afghanistan

      about an hour ago ·  
    • pictures of you in the TOC on facebook…

      about an hour ago ·  
    •  list things that should not be posted online…..but….this IS online…..

      about an hour ago · 
    •  bragging how awesome you are on sensitive equipment like counter IED stuff.

      about an hour ago
    • who is the commanding officer,his military record ,does he compromise easily under enemy pressure,he experience and which engagements he was involved in

      about an hour ago
    • Perry Bennett T,O, & E!!!…and your MOS….Hell, Don’t even have any pix or info available on FB. “SCOUTS OUT!”

      about an hour ago
    •  This is a great idea. Family members need to know what they can and can’t say on facebook. Almost everyone has facebook now and keeping our troops should always be on the minds of military families, friends, or those serving. I’m in my AIT course right now, and didn’t realize what all is and isn’t releasable.

      about an hour ago ·  
    •  the national guard members have been pretty bad at POSTING pics of Current locations, and some dont give exact locations, but most have huge LANDMARKS to go off of…… one pic i saw had about 100+ soldiers in the building a very well known building…..

      about an hour ago ·  
    • Grid references of FOBS and PBs VIP visits it happend to prince harry and they stopped his tour of afgan because it was leaked all over the media.

      about an hour ago ·  
    • Intelligent people who care about our forces safety and well being would be aware of every word they speak or post as well as any photos or videos that may hold the seemingly minor but actually major sensitive bit of intelligence that could…See more
      about an hour ago ·  
    • I don’t want this to come off harsh, but here is my take on the reason why so much is posted with such haste. I’ve been out a long time, and in law enforcement since then. Some recent training I had indicated one extremely relevant trait o…See more
      about an hour ago · 
    • Be sure and tell CNN.

      about an hour ago ·  
    •  WW2 poster: The Enemy is looking for information~guard your talk!’

      about an hour ago ·  
    •  WWw2 poster: ‘Your PEN and TONGUE can be enemy weapons~WATCH what you WRITE and SAY!’

      about an hour ago ·  
    • First perhaps you should attack the History Channel and the Military channel that gives away our weapons capabilities. Then go to the US Army website and take troop movements from there and take off the structure from there…..hey just get rid of the entire US army website, because it has vital information there…or the US army website should carry an access page for those in the armed forces etc.

      about an hour ago ·  
    • last, but not least…’What you see here, what you do here, what you hear here, When you leave here…let it stay here’. (personally, I hate to see our troops names posted on these sites by their friends and family~they’re in Harm’s WAy enough)

      about an hour ago ·  
    •  Oh yeh, then the many You Tube videos with overseas military information should be taken down.

      about an hour ago
    • ‎@Diesel-Power, don’t forget the BA-1100-November.

      This isn’t exactly related, but I get pissed when I see people in BDU’s or with other identifying gear in airports (high and tight plus assault pack w/nametape, e.g.). I want to chokeslam them and ask if they’ve ever had an S-2 briefing in their lives. If I were a foreign intel service officer I would just hover around those jabronis all day waiting for them to drop sensitive info.

      about an hour ago
    • Everyone should use common sense. If you wouldn’t give the information to an enemy then don’t ever let it leave your mouth no matter what. The other thing i hate is when soldiers always are saying their deploying but have never had official orders. It gets out that a deployment could be coming up when its not true. you should get at least the same punishment as someone who impersonates a government employee because being in the military you should know full well not to lie about orders or tell when you get them
      56 minutes ago
    •  If we’d had today’s media in WW2, we’d’ve never won…

      56 minutes ago ·  
    •  Then perhaps you should go to the US ARmy Flickr page and take down captions that say things like this;Firefight
      “””U.S. Soldiers with 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division return fire during a firefight with Taliban forces in Barawala Kalay Valley in Kunar province, Afghanistan, March 31, 2011. U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Cameron Boyd/Released”””…

      53 minutes ago ·  
    •  and your asking us to not post troop locations? just look through Flickr captions and you see our troop locations, training, formations explained etc. Remember if you want others to change, the ones asking for change need to be the first ones to lead by example.

      51 minutes ago · 
    •  and then it gives the soldiers name who took the photos.

      50 minutes ago
    •  Names of Generals’ mistresses

      50 minutes ago ·  
    •  Frequency modulation of the deflector shields

      49 minutes ago ·  
    •  You should never ever never ever post (redacted)

      47 minutes ago
    •  your soliders name, do not show name in pics!

      43 minutes ago
    •  The net is a GREAT place for MIS~information….

      42 minutes ago · 
    •  just a thought… but wouldn’t posting what we know about OPSEC, in fact be an OPSEC violation? just thinking outside the box here…

      41 minutes ago
    •  lmfao..frequency modulation

      41 minutes ago
    •  All of your comments seem to agree with my statement that America as a whole has a problem with the big mouth syndrome.

      33 minutes ago ·  
    •  heres a thought… wouldn’t posting what we know about OPSEC in fact actually be an OPSEC violation… just saying…. lets think here people….

      31 minutes ago · 
    • one of our spouses’ support facebook groups was just going over this. Soldier’s name, rank, job, unit, deployment date, deployment location, length of deployment, relocation within theatre, daily operations, any operation outside the wire.

      30 minutes ago
    • Maybe it would be a good thing for the enemy to read this then they would truely believe America lets ALL secrets outta the bag.I see many people assuming things here,there is soooooo much we don’t know.Media coverage is slow and poor to relate what is going on,that is for a reason.We have the BEST Military in the World and there is a reason for that!Always support our troops and if you know SPECIFIC dates,rank,location fine do not jeapordize our Soldiers travels to and from deployment-be vaugue like( “this month”)Many of the photo’s you see are on American ground.The things you can’t see I assure you are very securely kept from your eyes and ears.
      30 minutes ago
    • A lesson in no-no’s was a spouse who didn’t have her Facebook profile locked, so anyone coming on it saw everything even if they weren’t a friend yet. On her page in her friends, it has Married to: Her Hubby’s name and FB link, his FB pageis open too, so you could see not only that he was in the Army, but listed in Employment: his MOS by number designator and job name and his rank. Her FB page had her current location, her wall was open and had all these gushy mushy postings to her hubby and boohooing about him being gone and way too much stuff that could be totalled up to a lot of handy info to the wrong person.
      24 minutes ago
    •  Stop stop stop posting pictures of your loved ones on here. I know youre excited and so proud but you dont know who is seeing and stealing the pictures and using them for who knows what. Keep them to yourself. Pictures give away sooo much. Basically opsec works like this….if you wouldnt tell al qaeda…why the heck would you put it online or even open your mouth about it? HUSH!!!!!

      18 minutes ago
    • Yeah I think this was a terrible idea for a post…

      15 minutes ago
    •  exactly amber the wives have the pics of their loved ones and their putting their loved ones in trouble.. the troops are fighting for us and the wives do not care about it.. omg the enemy is online.. how stupid are they..

      15 minutes ago
    •  loose lips sink ships . . . still holds true . . .

      13 minutes ago ·  
    • this got redundant….

      12 minutes ago
    • Sensitive info must always be kept hidden from outside due to fact this kind of intelligence could be use by our antagonist against us. Like in fighting this small war, never ever divulge what you brought in the theater otherwise some other power would know and prove this as a fact and know what will they bring in case we collided with them. in short, keep your pie hole shut from saying where youd been, what you did, how you did it, what kind of thing enables you to succeed in the mission, etc. Thus this prove intelligence wins wars. the more the enemy is kept in the dark, the more fear would overcome his will. A man overwhelmed by fear is not as thinking man. is he now?
      11 minutes ago
    • capture of enemies

      6 minutes ago
    •  How about not being the source who has “leakage” of classified information on unclassified sources.

      2 minutes ago

4 thoughts on “Loose lips…

  1. Of course, given all the OPSEC violations listed here it’d be interesting to know how many times (and with what severity) insurgents and terrorists have used/acted/benefited from these disclosures.

    After all, we now have ten years of families and service members posting their names, pictures, etc on line. In almost all cases it’s very easy to move from that to finding out information about family and friends. Is there any evidence of a real threat to any of them? If not, should we consider it a threat given the gaping lack of evidence?

    Conversely, what (if any) are the costs of suppressing information? I don’t think there’s much controversy about current operations, capabilities, troop movements (when not public knowledge), etc. but some of the suggestions seem a bit overboard. In many cases, such rules serve only to keep information (which the enemy clearly has) from citizens which raises serious questions about government accountability.

    Just a thought to consider…


    • Agree but, like in many other areas, a periodic blitz is a good thing to remind people where the straight and narrow is and, if nothing, else, promote a little prior thought before acting/posting/etc…you blitz in the full knowledge that the spike of compliance will fade pretty quickly but to maintain the awareness. On my way home on Friday arvo, there was a Police drinking/driving checkpoint in Mangaweka (pop. 7) of all places: other a dozen cops and at least a dozen cars…just a general reminder that ‘we will get you wherever you are’ but I did notice that all northbound traffic after that was very well behaved.

      There probably isn’t a big body of evidence that AG and its ilk (why they would ally with a large Canadian mammal is beyond me) are collecting let alone exploiting information from the social media but there ARE other nutjobs out there including the moral minority nuts who feel they have some right to picket and protest at soldier’s funerals and hassle their families…so I see the Army’s actions as a timely cautionary tale…the CJ Grisham thing I think has a lot more about it to come out before anyone can make an informed decision on that…

      And soon…some work on the positive side of social media…


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