Homeward bound

brussels blurred

OK, so my memories of Brussels are somewhat blurred….had a great time, working with a great team from ASIC but very long days between meetings and then essentially another working days worth of networking each evening….

It’s the first time I’ve had anything to do with NATO itself as opposed to the various member nations and that was an experience in its own right…even the sheer size of the building itself takes some getting used to and it is easy enough to get misplaced…might have to take Kirk next time as my guide dog…he’d love the Belgian beer too…

Regardless of professional activities, I’ve had to add Brussels to my very short list of cities to revisit when Carmen and I do our grand world tour….without even trying we could spend a week just exploring the narrow winding streets and alleyways of the old city…

The public transport system isn’t that intuitive and I’ve had to do a bit more walking that entirely necessary after dismounting at the wrong stop…all the signs are bilingual but English isn’t one of the linguals so the 5th Form French has had a bit of a hammering the last week or so…it’s a good system once you get on top of it and I know for next time to always have a public transport Plan B…

A belt of crappy weather was just enough to send a few ripples across the European air transport pond but even with a number of delays, Singapore Airlines managed to get us into Changi 15 minutes ahead of the original schedule – guess that crew’ll be up for a bonus.

The October in-flight entertainment programme is no less bland the third time around as it was the first or second…


I watched this before dinner was served and would rate it an average at best…too much game-like leaping around (yes, I know it was derived from a game – think I used to play the original on my Amiga way back when…) at the expense of what could have been quite a good story…

knight and day

Again I crashed out (the joy of an exit row!!) most of the flight and started (again) to watch this  – I’d caught the middle of this on the way up on an old 747 that lacked video on demand but landing came before the end of the movie. This time I got the beginning of the movie but still haven’t managed to get to the end….third time lucky on the leg to Auckland…

It’s a dampish day here in Singapore and I’m about to check out and go in search of food before heading off to Miniature Hobby and Hobby Mountbatten for some nostalgia shopping….

River Valley Oct 10


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