Hit the road, Jack…

…and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more…

I remember Liz Mullane from working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy ten or so years ago…a sharp operator and a top lady…

…a meeting of Wellington film technicians came together within 3 hours and over a thousand people came – then when they decided to turn up at the equity meeting to put their point of view to Simon Whipp it was cancelled! – they are now at Parliament with some basic demands – take off the International boycott and MEAA get out of NZ!
Feel free to send this to everyone you know so they realise that there are consequences! This is much more than an actors issue! This is about a militant Australian union trying to take control of our film industry!
Over a thousand people are challenging the action taken by 400? (reported Akld meeting turnout) and that’s just in Wellington alone (Wgtn meeting 80 tops?). Do the math!
Liz Mullane

Bugger off, Skippy! We neither want nor need your ‘help’…

1 thought on “Hit the road, Jack…

  1. mate there has just been someone on radio pointing out that it is trick to get film made in Aussie. If our people get paid same as Aussies who have all these facilities to make a film then you know where it will shift too.

    Also allegedly when Sir Peter had his legal stoush with HOllywood part of the agreement to settle was he would not allow agreements as such as this Union wants.

    End of the day people would like work.


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