The fortnight in food

Time for a break from all this contemporary related stuff and back into the kitchen…when I created the Food category, I had visions of contributing to it at least once a week – monthly is probably closer to it, which is kinda strange as Carmen is away at the moment and I am spending a lot more time in the kitchen.

Last night I had forgotten to defrost any meat for dinner so did a quick Google for something simple and fishy, settling on a fish loaf which wasn’t much more than a couple of eggs, a tin of fish, herbs, milk and breadcrumbs. You can’t get much simpler than that and it came out pretty good. Next time round though, I think that I could make it better by either replacing the breadcrumbs with cooked rice and/or adding a topping of mashed potato and kumara on a layer of peas with significant quantities of grated cheese on top.

The rain over the last fortnight has kept the temperatures down and last week I really felt like something spicy to warm me up a bit. I found through the power of Google, a South African mince and potato dish with loads of herbs and spices, including apricot jam and chutney for extra flavour. It made a surprising quantity + was very filling with rice so it lasted three nights, evolving into a stir-fry rice dish on the third night with any other leftovers in the fridge. Definitely a keeper.

I do a lot with sausage when I am on my own because they are cheap, simple and don’t (normally) involve much mess – also because you can do some much with the humble sausie…fried with veges and greens, the meat in a salad sandwich, curried with beans and rice, roasted with veges…I like to buy a big bag, syphon off some for now and toss the rest in the freezer for those times when planning has left a bit to be desired or when it is simply juts late and I’m hungry…I did do roast beef three weeks ago but while it came out OK – and lasted four days – the coord skills for when to toss in the veges still has me stumped – there’s at least one more left in the freezer so will have to study up some more before I have a crack at it.

Not too much on desserts because I’m more of a savoury than a sweet tooth. I do a mean self-saucing butterscotch pudding but it’s kinda boring when I am on my own so the only dessert I have had recently has been a Fruju from the freezer, although if fresh fruit counts, I have been known to finish off dinner with an apple or a banana…

The twins are here for the weekend so that will keep me on my toes – it’s real easy to work out their preferences at the table: if it’s on the floor, it’s off the list!!

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