According to Phillip K. Dick, Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

My reality today is that the sun is finally out, things are drying out and I can finally dig down and fix the storm water feed into the water tank – realities of rural life are than it is not cool to run out of water in summer…happy reality is that we now have four chicks that have survived at least one night in the unshelled world and were last seen stepping out of their coop with mum to enjoy some sun as well…

When I visited on Friday, the Air Power Development Centre loaned me some reading in the form of a collection of recent RAAF papers and my mission when the sun goes down (that’s me, the doctrinal vampire that only comes out after dark or when it is raining…) is to devour the first paper and start to form some thoughts on air power, COIN/CIT/CIA and the COE…I think that it is very interesting that the aircraft shown is not an F/A-18, F-111 or even the F-35O but the trusty Herc; similarly the ground vehicle is not an M-1 or ASLAV but the less glamorous Bushmaster…is this a deliberate statement? If so it is a very powerful one when evolving to meet the realities of the complex environment…

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