Never say never…

…007 got that one right…The cat never goes outside…nope, not til this morning – all packed, ready to go..where’s the cat? Oh there’s Feral – outside – stalking something out by the compost heap…finally managed to entice the bloody thing inside and while I was chasing it around the house trying to get into the cat box, the dogs, who I’d let out to stretch their legs before we left decided to go for a walk…and here’s us having to have them at the kennel by 1200. Made it with 5 minutes to spare – an hour 50 from home to Sanson and fortunately nairy a cop in sight…

A couple of plugs from the trip down…we’ve got people staying in the Lodge this weekend and just after I left I realised that I had given them the wrong number for the keylock – uh-oh – didn’t have time to go back due to the kennel drop-off deadline and couldn’t quite get any of the email addresses right – why did I stop using a PDA, remind me – I was trawling through Levin looking for an Internet cafe and found a very helpful lady in Computer Whys who got me online to do my business – only been open since Tuesday; stopped for brunch (at 2 in the arvo) at the Paraparam Mall and a most helpful lady in the McDs put me onto the Angus burger (AWESOME!!) and then took the trouble to get my opinion afterwards – good service; and finally, after a year’s absence, I finally got back to Charmaines on Royal in Upper Hutt for a decent haircut and a catch-up gossip with the ladies. I was a regular there ever since I first moved to Wellington mid-90s and still remain loyal after shifting up the Mountain.

Had hoped to catch-up with Jim Veitch at Vic this weekend as a prelim to the Kilcullen visit next month but we couldn’t quite get it sorted – think I will have to make a trip to Welly in the next couple of weeks before we go to the UK on the 23rd. Have a growing list of commitments for the Thursday-Friday War including While YOU Were Sleeping for Josh, collating my thoughts on future war as per the challenge on Cheeseburger Gothic, and scratching out some thoughts on Amanda Lennon’s premise from Wednesday’s conference that Coalition interoperability promotes conceptual laziness…had high hops of doing ome work on these tonight but it’s such a cozy little place we’re staying in, with a decent collection of movies, and I got in latish from setting up the Expo that nup, that ain’t going to happen tonight…have already been through Star Trek: First Contact and have The Dambusters on now…

And a final word from our sponsor on Guy Gibson’s dog’s name…I wonder how many of the apparently-outraged also picked up that great classic kid’s story Huck Finn is chock-full of the N word…

4 thoughts on “Never say never…

  1. The N word was not only the name of Guy’s Dog but an operational code word for the mission. People who are outraged need to get a sense of perspective. these guys were putting it on the line to deal to an industrial regime that would have melted all people who didn’t fit their mold. i’m sure those people offended would fit outside their category. Peter’s special effects should outshine any sideshow bob issue of words.


    • I found the content of Schlinder’s List to be far more offensive than the N word but you didn’t hear a squeak from Germany because it is history not fiction.

      Agree on the lack of perspective – so often those whose own lives are so mundane and who have experienced so little of life or the world are those with a sense of what’s important so flat that some thing like dog’s name becomes a mega-issue…can not agree though re the special effects. Yes, they will be mega but I would hate for them to be so mega that they distract us away from any attempt at historical revisionism re Nigger.

      Also, Your Mingness, expected to see you today, especially with PJ’s latest creations on display. What happened? Leave pass cancelled…?


  2. PS Re the Angus Burger, cheers to Gibbo on Facebook for the initial heads-up on those things – hope he isn’t freezing too much off at Cold Kiwi this weekend…


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