dictrict 9

District 9…15 minutes into it, I’m going “Uh-oh, another Quarantine“. Carmen, meantime, only a seat away and watching the same movie is saying “Another Quarantine – Excellent!” But the end of the movie, we both arrived at “That rocked!!” It’s an interesting movie: the trailer gives absolutely nothing away and the first hour or so is like up-market Blair Witch Project – sorta kinda interesting but once you’ve seen it…y’know? The second hour takes it all some place way above that. Taken at face value, it’s a scifi non-hero yarn that you can take or leave; dig a little deep within the pain of the South African context and it has apowerful message about doing the right thing, making the right decisions, being the one voice that in the end says “Enough!” And that it doesn’t take a hero…

I’ve listed this under the Thursday-Friday War because time and again, values emerge as a key enabler in complex conflict. When the heat is on, we will act as who we are inside, follow the heart…

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