Bucketing down…

…it has been for the last 2-3 days which is good for the water tanks, the ducks (No! we are not getting ducks!) and washing all the mud off the driveway but sux for trying to get the chimney man to clear the flue on the guest house or sink the piles for the man-cave and I dare say the chickens are well over it too…

Early nigh-nighs tonight as have a 0415 wakeup – have been invited to attend the Chief of Army’s seminar at Massey tomorrow which should be interesting – can’t leave til the morningwhile Carmen is away delivering the Blue Blur as I’m head animal feeder…

Interesting email chat with Nick from Knoco (I really like their work) who described the lessons mindset as being more that of an investigative reporter than a soldier or engineer – think he is probably right which would explain a few things about why it is so hard to get traction with a lessons system in any sort of organisation. Partly it is because lessons isn’t really about the happy-happy joy-joy stuff but more the stuff that people might rather NOT know about, but also because lessons is a lot like Shrek’s onion analogy: you have to peel away the layers to reveal the real issue and THEN you can look at fixing it…thinking on it know, the differences in approach between the right way and the wrong way could be a match between big green superheroes: Shrek for the right way and Hulk for the bull at a gate/in a china shop, Hulk SMASH!  approach…? (Sorry, have had the Hulk SMASH! line on my mind all day since someone used it in a comment on The Strategist this morning…

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