Oh no….

Got today’s title from the twins….amazing how two words can convey so much from ‘I just filled my nappy‘ through ‘you know Nana’s fav wooden salad fork that she said don’t bang on the table in case you break the teeth off it?‘ to ‘I really would rather not go to bed at the moment‘…

But, oh no, the CAC COIN blog is down…I need my fix….

A beautiful sunny day in the Central Plateau (of course) and a great lead -in to the weekend…a quiet Saturday I think followed by the commencement of Phase One renovation at home – pulling out the front stairs to replace them with a rimu spiral we scored off Trademe for 500 bucks – I haven’t seen it since it have been refurbed but Carm says it is now well on its way to becoming a tourist attraction in the joiners in Turangi…my one aim tomorrow is to get a coat of German Grey on Dora who has been languishing in the garage for too long…

(The Dora link is to someone else’s one and that’s not me in the pic…)

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