Tossers on the road…

On my way home last night, I was mentally writing a entry for today based on the metrics post on the COIN Blog but as usual I forgot most of it overnight…even I hadn’t, the loser I had to follow into to work this morning would have made me forget anyway….one of those dicks that slows down to 80kmh when you can’t pass (like along the Hippody-Hoppodies – 10 km of undulating yellow-lined highway) and then speeds up as you as you get to a passing area. OK, fair enough I had a trailer on but even then I could still legally go faster than this tosser…finally got by him at Smash Palace (where they made the movie)…so I got to work angry and not at all cool, calm and collected to make cutting insightful commentary…maybe after Wednesday afternoon sport (firewooding hence the trailer) Iwill be more coherent…

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