Dealing with tornados

Got home last night to find the dogs still outside and not happy about it…normally this is a combat indicator of one of two things: either they have tried to consume the cat again and/or a tornado warning has come to fruition…yep, sure enough, the TTT has decended for a night, TTT being the Two Twin Tornado…sure enough, open the door to find a sea of toys and the twins playing little Ed Hillary’s on the back stairs (under supervision). Feral the Cat has taken opportunity of the dogs’ banning (they are both good with kids but just too big for romping inside with them) and occupied the ground floor which is why 91kg of Rottweilers is faceplanted against the bi-folds “registering their concerns” at this impudence…

It’s always great having the girls to stay but just like the COE don’t enter this missionspace too attached to any existing rules or conventions…welcome to the shifting sands of grandtwins, c/w communications barriers (though it is amazing just how much can be conveyed with a vocab of just ‘oh-no’ and ‘uh-oh’), fickle allegiances, conflicting aims and outcomes, and competing needs. Unlike the COE though, at deployment’s end, you can just fill them up with sugar and coke and return them to their parents…we had plans of sitting back for the Monday Night Action movie (Smokin’ Aces) but instead got reruns of Ice Age…switched on Breakfast this morning as is our habit but one look at Paul Henry (understandable!) and it was tears and back to Ice Age…at least I got to get out of the house early….

I had plans of sitting back beforte the movie and reading the Wave fan-fic short story  posted on CheeseBurger Gothic yesterday but that will have to be tonight’s pleasure after Coro, and before doing some more work on the problematic engines (attempt 234) for the Ilya Murometz – the plan is/was to do a little each night and eventually finish before Y3k, certainly it woultn’t before the Expo 6-7 September (again, I haven’t got anything finished on time so I guess I am at least consistent in my approach!).

Good news is that Terri got her Outrageous Fortune Series 5 yesterday (so much for NZ Post promises of 3-4 days delivery Raurimu-Kalgoorlie!!) and rated it a T-shirt on the towel scale….

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