Crunch day

Well, this is it…crunch day. Tenders for my home close at 4PM this afternoon.

This is the Banking Ombudsman’s response to our letter yesterday.

If you would like to help and think it appropriate, please call the Banking Ombudsman and point out that she was not asked to direct ANZ to do anything.

Our expectation for this complaint is that she will not simply look into it or make some enquiries of ANZ. Our expectation is that she will challenge ANZ’s conduct in this matter on the grounds that it breaches its obligation under the Code of Banking Practice to “…act fairly, reasonably, and in good faith, in a consistent and ethical way…” An appropriate response, without conceding our position in this issue would be is a 8 week campaign for a tender after the Christmas period.

Nicola Sladden
Banking Ombudsman

04 282 0173

021 808 059

If you don’t agree, no worries, each to their own…

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