All the way in

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Crunch day….in less then three hours, ANZ New Zealand will be auctioning off our home…

The TV1 News team is onto this story now and we did an interview at home yesterday. I wasn’t sure how to talk about this on air – far more used to being a fixer than a fixee – but the reporter was really able to draw it all out. It should screen tonight, not sure how long the item will be or the specific angle that it will take, but I do know that the TV1 background inquiries have got some interesting responses from ANZ…

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If ANZ really does want this whole thing to go away, it knows what it needs to do. Selling my home will not silence me – ask anyone!! – and will only make me more determined to expose ANZ New Zealand’s scungy record and hit them where they will hurt the most, in the $$$$$ bottom line…

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The FMA/RBNZ report released on Monday is only the tip of the iceberg. Banks like ANZ have been exploiting ordinary Kiwis unchecked for decades. Ordinary Kiwis deserve an opportunity to present submissions to a full inquiry, better still, a Royal Commission to the full depths of banking conduct in New Zealand can be exposed.

New Zealand needs a proper and empowered banking watchdog that is accountable to the Government and the people. The Office of the Banking Ombudsman, despite passionate and caring staff, needs better, more consistent processes to make sure that it can and is holding banks accountable for their obligations under New Zealand law and the Code of Banking Practice. If banks like ANZ are not acting fairly and reasonably towards all their customers, in a consistent and ethical way, the Banking Ombudsman should be all over them.

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All over them….with steel-shod boots…zero tolerance…big penalties…

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