I Miss My Mate


Today, it’s been a year since my best mate, Kirk, passed away from cancer…it’s been a year and I still miss him so much…

Little Kirk in Simon's Office.JPG

We raised him from a puppy…because I was able to take him to work with me – rank really does have its privileges – I guess he bonded more closely with me…I don’t think he was really that interested in doctrine or lessons learned but he clearly loved coming on base with me.

Undignified Kirk.JPG

He was always very dignified…

Big Bad Kirk gets stuck 002.JPG

…but not always the sharpest “Hey, look! I got up on the trailer…but now I can’t get down…” And in a situation like this he would cry and cry, not bark, just cry…

Raurimu snow 083.JPG

Puppy poses aside, Kirky really was very dignified…he would play with other dogs but I really think he thought of himself more as a person and, apart from Lulu, his sister, he would associate with other dogs more out of politeness than anything else…

Lulu and Kirk 005.JPG

Kirk and Lulu snuggle time…

Kirk likes Thunderbirds.JPG

Nowhere was Kirk’s association with people clearer than in his favourite past time: watching TV. This started with a growing interest in It’s Me or the Dog and we soon realised that he would only take notice if the sound of dogs was live/genuine and not canned…it grew from there and his favourites were David Attenborough and B grade science fiction, especially the BBC rubber costume genre…


I used to leave the TV on for him when I went out. This had to stop after the polar bear incident: a few years back one of the banks had an ad that featured a polar bear leaping ‘out’ of the screen. Kirk left three deep scratches on the screen where he ‘defended’ himself against the attacking bear…

Dogs  27-06-2012 8-31-53 a.m..JPG

Watching TV with Kirk was often like getting a seat at the movies behind the guy with the Afro hair style…

Around home 004.JPG

He may have looked big and scary to some but he was really just a gentle giant…so careful around small children…and all he really wanted was to be with me…if I went away he would sit by the front door and pine til I came home. The sole exception to this was when he went to the Creature Comforts kennel in Sanson – just at the end of the runway at RNZAF Ohakea, handy for me – I think Kirk was a little bit in luff with Irene, one of the ladies who ran the kennel: normally he would get quite agitated at free-ranging stock (it probably offended his German sense of order) but at Creature Comforts which had free-range everything…chickens, pigs, sheep, alpacas, etc…he only had eyes for Irene and never batted an eyelid at the errant wandering stock…


A rare Happy Meal treat…

Raurimu snow 055.JPG

Running free…wherever he is…

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