Coffee Catch-Up #2



Inspired by Inspiring Max’s Coffee Catch-Ups, in this case #12

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am well over this series of mechanical mishaps: first the engine in the truck blows just before ANZAC Day – six weeks to get the sorted and a big dent in the savings; then the water heater in the kitchen floods under the wall into the back pantry – not expensive but days of mopping and cleaning til I was sure there was no permanent damage; and on the weekend, the big fridge just stopped being cold – lights still come on, just no cold. Found a failed fuse and thought that was it but the replacement popped as soon as the power went back on so now I have to wait til the service guy is out this way in a few weeks (it’s a mega-beast to move).

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that aside from the frustration of having a stand-in  fridge only a fraction of the capacity of the real one, I really like the more open access into the kitchen enabled by the reduced profile fridge: the big one came out to the edge of the lino in the picture above…I think it may be relegated to the back pantry with a smaller profile device going into that corner of the kitchen with just the most popular ready-use items…plus I’m already in love with being able to just grab fruit off the top like this…DSCF0334.JPG

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my battle with the bank is making some headway and we are getting some wins but will they be enough to change the outcome before everything goes? I’m getting great support from my legal team and those Members of Parliament that are assisting me and also looking at the potential changes to legislation that might fall out of this. But will it be enough…?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I was rapt today to be cleared by Michaela at PhysioDirect Ohakune to be able to return to a normal life after popping a disk in my back a month or so ago. One of the silver linings to come from that mishap – never dance with a big dog when it’s icy – is that I have had to return to a daily stretching regimen: something that I should never have stop doing…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this is being a drearily grey winter so far…yes, there’s snow on them thar hills but just not enough of it…DSCF0300.JPG…the dreary greyness can be quite depressing but apparently banana peels are rich in serotonin so we’re blending our bananas whole to see how that works…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I bought yet another coffee toy, a capsule expresso machine only to find that I didn’t have a single expresso-sized cup that would fit the machine…I finally dug out an old tea cup that came with the house that is doing the trick for now…

DSCF0330I finally bought a frother too: the coconut milk doesn’t much like the heat of the steam frother.

DSCF0332Now my work towards world domination a perfectly frothed non-dairy milk can continue…

Wrapping up a Coffee Catch Up with a coffee…



13 thoughts on “Coffee Catch-Up #2

    • I usually take two smoothies, one fruit, one vege, to work with me. Tried it on Sunday and didn’t notice any change in taste or texture; just had two days off so will see how it goes for the rest of the week. You can use banana peels in a cake but the recipe has so much sugar you could probably use tyre rubber and if would work. I want to try banana peels in the kumara cake recipe I posted a couple of weeks ago and see what that’s like….

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      • Deal. It’s easy I in a bowl I mix a large tablespoon of tomato paste, then add shop bought Pesto, I like a strong flavour so I add probably about 2 teaspoons. But its never the same as it will depend on the strength of the brand of Pesto you are using. I then add a good squirt of bottled chilli sauce. Voila! Awesome on pizza base I use it thickly spread but would be just as good thin if you prefer. Better flavours than the pre-made ones any day. Let me know how you like it.


      • Thanks…that looks great…will grab some pesto when I’m in town next week…basil didn’t survive the first frost here… I want to do a series of mini pizzas to try out different based and toppings but keep the paste constant…

        Day 3 of unpeeled bananas and I’m still quite normal…no noticeable change in the smoothie taste or texture…it is a good idea the wash the banana first though because you never know what might have been sprayed or otherwise applied in the normally disposable peel…

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      • I’ve been blending bananas complete with skins for the last few weeks and haven’t noticed any noticeable effect on the quality of my smoothies. I’ve been using frozen or quite ripe fruit until this morning when I used a banana that was still quite firm. Unlike riper or frozen peels, this one did not blend smoothly and the more fibrous skins broke in little chunkets of peel…taste was still OK but the texture was bleeh…I think the lesson is that bananas that are anything less than fully ripe will not blend well if the peels are left on…

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      • Thanks.The more I think about it , it makes sense as ripe bananas are much thinner and my frozen bananas at least as usually ripe. It must have something to do with the sugar breaking down the skin.


      • I think so as well so I am saving the skins from my less ripe bananas in the freezer for my next go at a banana peel cake…

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      • exhausting as usual, but all good. I’m in Georgia at the moment. You are giving me coffee envy…. hahaha


      • I assume from the coffee craving you’re not in the same Georgia than Sherman marched across in the great unpleasantness between the north and the south? Take care up there…


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