A tale of two peppers (Part one)

New World Taumarunui had bulk bags of capsicum for $4.98 last week – without really thinking about it – such a good deal, normally they are around $2 each – I grabbed a bag, with a vague vision of pizza toppings…that vague vision morphed into a notion of stuffed peppers and from there into dinner via the recipe here

It’s pretty simple – possibly too simple…


Drop 250 grams of mince  into a pan- the recipe says beef mince and only 25 grams, but I used pork mince because I had some handy and increased it to 250 grams figuring the ’25’ was a typo…


Cook until the mince in brown, breaking up any lump, and add a jar of bolognaise sauce – I used a jar of pasta sauce that someone had left here – I would make my own normally – and simmer until the liquid has evaporated off leaving a thick sauce…DSCF9587

Cut three peppers on half lengthways leaving the stalks: they don’t do anything useful but look good…


Spoon the thickened sauce mix into each of the halved peppers and top with cheese – I had grated mozzarella available so used that – I think it would work better and provide an evener topping using slices of cheese…


Bake at 180 degrees until the cheese is browned – I forgot to take a pic of the peppers as they came out of the oven – these ones have been in the fridge for a day and don’t look as good as when they were fresh baked…


I served mine up with chunky air-fried kumara and potato wedges…tasted good but the sauce was still quite runny but very strong. I think that it needs more substance to be thicker…my next go-round will be based on this recipe which overcomes these shortcomings and also does it with red wine which cannot be a bad thing…

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