Lovely Leftovers

Friends came over for dinner last Monday night.

Our main was baby roast armadillo meat loaf with a four vege (potato, kumara, carrot and parsnip – it would have been five but I forgot about the pumpkin in the fridge – mash, and a cabbage and tomato side season with a couple of tablespoons of minced galangal from last winter’s garden. I misread my recipe for the meatloaf (modded from The Pioneer Woman’s original) and forgot to double the spices so it wasn’t as sharp as it usually is…

The galangal brings in a nice earthy flavour that is quite distinct from other spices…try some: it grow well here…perhaps a little too well as it is quite aggressive in the garden and needs to be grown in an enclosed pot. The root is similar to ginger but more fibrous – definitely something that you want to mince in someone else’s blender…

This fed four of us for dinner: Melissa took some meatloaf home for sammies and I still had enough for two more meals like this:DSCF9262

…finishing off the last pieces of meat loaf as sammies when I only wanted a snack for dinner on Friday night…no fish and chip Friday this week…DSCF9264

Waste not, want not…

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