Pizza – the first go-round

For reasons unknown, I’ve always been a bit scared of recipes that used yeast – beyond, of course, bread in the breadmaker…I stumbled across an online recipe for yeast-free pizza dough and decided to give it a go…

Normally, I record a recipe’s source but that seems to have dropped off this time so if this looks familiar, sorry…

1 cup of flour (self-raising or toss in 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder)

1/2 teaspoon of salt

60 grams of butter

150mls of milk

It is pretty simple and my first crack at it went pretty well with a nice bouncy crust – they way I like it – but this was probably due to my using some surplus pourable yoghurt instead of the milk and letting the mix sit for a while…subsequent ‘builds’ with milk only resulted in a crispy crust…if you like that sort of thing…

Still…none of my first attempts at pizza were especially horrible and I got a nice simple pizza-ring rhythm going…DSCF9127

Mix up and fry meat (mince, diced chicken, bacon bits, diced up boiled sausage), with finely-chopped onions, garlic, galangal if you have itDSCF9126

Roll out the dough and spread a can of diced tomato over it…OTY if you want to use plain or seasoned tomato…one pizza I spread some creamed corn in over the tomato and that came out pretty good too…DSCF9123

A pizza ready to go into the oven: yeast-free base, tomato and corn filling, with sausage, onion and cheeses (Parmesan and cheddar) topping…DSCF9128

Bubbling away nicely…I leave it on fan-bake until the cheese is melted, then switch to the grill to crispy up the top…DSCF9129

Ready to slice and eat…two meals at least here for me…sometimes I pad it out with some chunky chips in the oven or air fryer…in which the one pizza will do three meals…DSCF9119…possibly with a couple of midday snacks left over as well…

Fast and simple and only your imagination limits the fillings and toppings…still wasn’t that keen on the crispy bases though…

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