Daily Prompt: Tattoo….You? | The Daily Post

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERMANENT.

via Daily Prompt: Tattoo….You? | The Daily Post.
Because it takes over an hour to now our lawns, I like to listen to an Audible book while mowing as a form of concurrent activity. I still have my original Creative Rio MP3 player that came with my original Audible subscription way back in 2001 – all 64MB of it! – but I had to buy a new player when Audible stopping supporting its original compact data format.
My new -since 2010 – player is a Creative Stone MuVo 4GB and while switching books while mowing the lawns on Monday, I noted that it was longing a bit worn and I wondered how long it might last…little did I suspect that question was about to be answered for me…
…as my player dangled by the headphone cable, Indiana Jones-like, near the spinning blades of death, before succumbing, unlike Indiana Jones, to their whirling dance of devastation…

The scene of the crime…
The culprit in time out…

Crime scene investigation…

The evidence…I think that it is safe to say that the damage is PERMANENT…
Replacement will have to wait until normal employment services are resumed…the jury is still out on whether a new plug can be attached to my noise-canceling headphones…fortunately there’s no more travel on the horizon before Christmas…
…and then…
…to add insult to injury, I just started on the top lawn when the mower snapped a drive belt so I couldn’t even finished the damn lawns!!!!

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