Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach) | The Daily Post

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FOOD.

One of things that I really enjoy when travelling to Western Europe over any other destination is the dedicated food shops…I don’t think you really find anything quite like these anywhere else, nor the range of products…

…sausages in Brussels…Brussels Nov 11 011

…my favourite restaurant in Brussels, Chez Vincent which does the best steak on the planet…and the scampi a l’ail is pretty damn good: I always have one meal here whenever I visit Brussels…it’s a bit pricey but well worth it…
Brussels Nov 11 009

…seafood on display in Brussels…


…Belgian chocolate…I always bring a KG or two home with me…DSCF6445

…and Belgian beer…where else can you go where a dairy has 400 flavours of beer and only one type of crisps…? This picture is the window of the appropriately-named Bier Tempel…

…gateau in Ieper…

Amsterdam Nov 13-021

…and cheeses in Amsterdam…I would love to be able to toss one of these in my suitcase to bring home…

via Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach) | The Daily Post.


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