Movies – Dubai to Auckland

Despite only having a few hours sleep in Dubai on the flight home – landing at 1159PM and didn’t get out of the terminal til after 1AM for a 9AM check-in that morning, I was quite refreshed for the final leg and managed to clock up seven movies and still be quite chipper on landing in New Zealand…planes

Another in the Disney/Pixar/Cars mold but good clean entertainment anyway…a sidenote is that there should be a nice line of plastic and paper models come out of this movies as they did for Carspacific rim

Giant robots meet giant monsters intermixed with raw Ozzie accents…pretty tired and lacking the kitschy appeal of the Godzilla genre from which is is drawn…


Cop buddies do Hellboy meets Ghostbusters meets Heaven Can Wait…entertaining but definitely on the lite side..


Wolverine has been in five of the six X-men movies and this is the second that has featured the character in the title role…it’s getting a bit tired now and the franchise either needs to be introduce some new X’s or be put out to pasture…red22

Fun with guns and old people…charming fun and violence…

emperorThis should be a noble story of dignity and pride and its pretention is that it assumes this to be so…instead of letting the story tell itself, it relies on cumbersome and unnecessary flashbacks and voiceovers to overcome the weakness of its script. Even Tommy Lee Jones as Douglas MacArthur comes across as stilted and somewhat common, not as the shrewd aristocrat that the man really was. Full of cliches and stereotypes with a distracting and irrelevant search for a missing prewar girlfriend. Stick with the Gregory Peck MacArthur and read Manchester’s American Caesar for the real story…

2gunsBoring with no real story…a mercy when it finally ended…mindlessly meandering plot lines and even the action is mediocre…give it a miss in favour of Gigli or Johnny Depp’s disastrous take on The Lone Ranger

3 thoughts on “Movies – Dubai to Auckland

    • Thanks! In-flight is normally the only opportunity I get to watch new release movies til then turn up as (affordable) DVDs so I like to make the most of it…


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