Spring arrives….


…or maybe ‘the first day of sun’ or just ‘I have a new toy’…
Today was the first day this spring when it has been real springy weather, lots of sun, not to much wind but enough to dry two loads of washing…a good day for getting out and doing stuff. Unfortunately, though I had some returns due today so spent most of the afternoon in the study hammering away at the keyboard…but it has just shifted over to daylight saving so I was able to get out and do some stuff…
I have a new toy. Most of my work is computer-based, mainly writing or researching online and so most of my day, like all the daylight hours in winter, is spent in the study. I haven’t had much luck with netbooks, having been through two of them in three years but really miss portable computing, especially being able to tap away in front of TV or somewhere else that isn’t the study – yes, I am getting a little ‘study shy’…
I’d been thinking this way for a while and had been researching phones and tablets but wanted something definitely bigger than a phone and preferably bigger than a 7″ but not as large as a 10″ tablet. My catalyst for action was a Leemings e-flyer that popped into the inbox – one of those things I have been meaning to unsubscribe from but never quite got round to – 8″ Asus Iconia tablets substantially reduced as an introductory offer…really glad that I did take the plunge on this. I can work when I’m traveling or even lying in a hammock in the garden.
The potential downside, for you the reader, is that this is the first time that I have had an integrated device like this so you’ll probably be on the receiving end of my experimentation… Sorry…
So anyway, this my first tablet-driven blog entry…I find that I can see enough of the screen to scribe happily away while the virtual keyboard is not so small that my fingers are in typo hell – fingers? Finger really…l’ve tried the slidey-swipey way of using the keyboard but, so far, I just as happy single finger tapping away and not much slower than with a normal keyboard. I’m using the WordPress app and it is more friendly that using the normal browser based WP interface but it is a bit of a pain not having all the formatting buttons just to hand…
And, yes, it is quite definitely Spring time…it doesn’t seem that long since the trees just started to shed their leaves…and it has been so dreary and sodding wet the past few weeks that it has been quite lovely today to not only have a beautiful sunny day but also to have the first explosions of color in the garden…so these are my first photos taken with the tablet and it is a lot easier than the old act of having to transfer photos from the camera to the PC and then uploading them. I don’t think it is the best of cameras but it’ll do the trick for convenience work…


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  1. Ah, right, so that’s what that little arrow button does…publish…apologies to anyone that got the link to this shared automatically and it looked a tad immature…slowly figuring it all out…


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